Bianka Bell, 3rd & SS, LSU #27

2015 First Team All-SEC2015 NFCA All-South Region First Team
2015 NFCA All-America First Team

Bianka played travel ball since she was 10. Played for her dad for Tampa Mustangs, who was also her hitting coach. Bianka committed to LSU her sophomore year of high school! She can hit the snot out of a rise ball. If you get one buy her – feel lucky, because if you throw it again it even at her eyes it’s gone, she makes great adjustments and is a smart hitter! Good job dad Bell!

Alex Bayne, #2 Ohio State

I’ve been studying hitting mechanics for years and I’ve heard many, many different philosophies, but this kid’s mechanics are off-the-chart incredible!

Just goes to show that you don’t need to be huge to put the ball over the fence. A homerun is merely a byproduct of a good quality swing.