Pricing of Softball Lessons

Softball instructor rates

How much do softball pitching lessons cost? Below you will find cost/pricing of the pitching lessons that I offer in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Keep in mind that there are advantages and disadvantage to group lessons. Common advantages to group pitching sessions are that girls are competitive by nature, so they tend to throw harder and try harder when they’re competing against a girl throwing next to them at the same age or level, and group sessions are less expensive per player, and it’s always a great workout. The more a pitcher pitches, the better she will get[.] A reality of group lessons is that of course, I can’t focus on a single girl for an hour straight when there are 6 other girls to instruct also. There are group sessions where I may not say a single thing to some girls; because they are working out and grasping the concepts correctly. In theory, you can basically divide the amount of time in an hour by the number of girls, which typically my group lessons have 5-6 pitchers in them. I make sure to give attention to all the players in any given group at one point or another. Groups tend to move at the same pace, so it will be hard to move a girl on to a new spin pitch, for example, when the other 5 girls are not ready to learn that spin pitch, but I try to group girls by ability and pitches that they are prepared to throw in each lesson.

Individual and group lesson options are a bit seasonal. For example, I will not do local field lessons when the temperature goes below 50°, or there’s no daylight (i.e., Daylight Savings Time brings the darkness at 5 PM in November, so I tend to move indoors at this time).

Click the follow link to see where my local fields are located to help you determine pricing. For group rates on your local fields, I will travel up to 25 miles to a field when the group is (typically) 4 girls or more. So for example, I have teams/organizations that have multiple 10-year-olds that are just starting out learning pitching and hitting, and so I travel 25 miles to their fields (and some of these fields have lights, which is always helpful) to instruct and give lessons. I also travel to indoor facilities at colleges and high schools for sessions in this same local radius. I travel on occasion to New Jersey for groups, but the rates are higher than listed due to mileage. Call for custom group rate quotes if not listed. Indoor rates vary due to the different price levels charged for the 3 main (2 are private) facilities I use, which are in Gap, PA, West Sadsbury Township in Atglen, PA, or Manheim, PA.

Private softball pitching lesson pricing

Private pitching lessons 40 minutes ~1 hour
Local field rate $35 $50
*Indoor rate $45-$50 $60-65

*Depends on which indoor facility used, or if session is part of 6-week Speed School session
~Reserved for initial lessons. Typically 50 minutes of dedicated instruction and 10 minutes of lesson related warmup and strength training recommendations

Group softball pitching lessons

Group pitching lessons # of pitchers 1 hour Total
Local field rate 2 $30/p $60
`Indoor rate 2 $35-45/p $70-90
Local field rate 3 $25/p $75
`Indoor rate 3 $25-40/p $75-120
Field rate 4 $20/p $80
`Indoor rate 4 $22-30/p $94-120
Field rate 5+ $13/p $65+
`Indoor rate 5+ $19-25/p $95-125+

`Price rate is per player and depends on which indoor facility used

Call today if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for a pitching lesson: Dennis (717) 964-8736

If I don’t answer, leave a message and I will call you back. You can also contact the pitching instructor here. I usually respond within 24 hours.