About fastpitcher.com

About the Site:

This site’s full purpose is to demonstrate and share proper mechanics through thoughts, comments, and videos, etc. with the goal of helping the sport of fastpitch softball continue to evolve. I created this site to host and showcase videos as a quick, personal coaching resource for young aspiring pitchers. A resource of great examples that can be easily sorted by tags depending on what you are looking for (i.e., if you click on the ‘southpaws‘ tag in a pitching post, you will quickly sort and see all examples of pitchers that throw left-handed to compare. I share the videos online because it might be as useful to another as it is to me. My goal is to share examples of good, safe mechanics.

Every female athlete that you see in the videos on this site or that I talk about in its content are hand-picked by me as I believe they have excellent mechanics! I imagine these athletes  have worked very hard over many, many years through many, many hours of practice to perfect their unique styles. I try to get as many pitcher and hitter examples as I can, but there’s only so much time in the day, so all can’t be represented here.

To get the maximum experience of this website and to fully understand and appreciate the great mechanics of the athletes on it I strongly recommend that you use an HTML5 browser like Microsoft Edge (you can actually slow down the videos to under half of the frame rate to study the pitcher’s and hitter’s mechanics by right-clicking on the video with Edge) or Google Chrome, which fully supports HTML5 and all the experience that this website is designed to fulfill. Side note: I’d imagine Firefox will someday catch up, but for now – even though it is my favorite browser – I don’t recommend using it to view this site.

I do realize the video quality on this site isn’t always the greatest, BUT it does get the job done.

My Approach:

I developed the site in a way to share what I’ve learned over the years. I have been coaching softball especially pitching and hitting for about eight years now, ever since 2008, spending many Fall and Summer weekends at college showcase tournaments and have 18u gold knowledge, training and traveling experience (as far South as Orlando, FL and as far West as Huntington Beach, CA). I started out as many other coaches did, as a bucket-dad catching for my daughter. It was shortly after I started coaching and helping out with her team that I really started to appreciate and admire the sport of fastpitch softball. With that said, I  then dove in and learned everything I could and have been ever since (evident by my Tivo, which is full of college softball games from the past couple years, leaving little extra room – even for the Flyers!). I also give softball hitting lessons, catching lessons, and fastpitch softball pitching lessons.

I’ve met with and studied from folks whom I feel are the best pitching and hitting coaches around… in the western part of the United States, Doug Finch (Jennie Finch’s dad, of course) and then the best pitching coach in the eastern part of the United States, Tom Besser. Not to mention, I also enjoy the excellent philosophies of Bill Hillhouse, a men’s fastpitch great. I’ve attended clinics from exceptional pitchers like Mike White, a men’s fastpitch legend and now head coach of the Oregon Ducks; wherein the clinic he demonstrated how he throws his rise ball with mechanics that don’t change at all from his other pitches until the point of release, which makes it extremely hard for the batter or 3rd base coach to pick what pitch is coming. I’ve studied excellent pitchers in action like Cat Osterman with her exceptional spin, getting to meet her while she played for the USSSA pride (visiting Lancaster, PA), and Lacy Waldrop of FSU, breaking down how she throws her amazing drop ball and phenomenal changeup through many hours of studying video and then putting it into practice.

With respect to coaching, I’ve derived my style from many excellent coaching philosophies from attending clinics in Cherry Hill, NJ, interviews, videos, newsletters, etc. including from Sue Enquist, UCLA; Patty Gasso, University of Oklahoma; and Mike Candrea, University of Arizona to name a few.

On the hitting side, I’ve learned from the well known Sue Enquist, UCLA, and I’ve been lucky enough to have met and studied extensively from who I believe to be the best (female) hitter in fastpitch softball of all Time: Crystal Bustos.

Terms of Use:

Downloading videos from this website is strictly prohibited. Reproduction of any of the content on this website is not authorized. I have disabled the ability to download videos from this website, and any attempts to do so will be logged. If you want to use this website as a coaching tool, I highly recommend it, but again… use the content on the site in the context of where it was intended but do not take from it as it would likely violate copyrights and these terms of use.

This site uses video recorded from games for the sole purpose of education. These videos are therefor protected under Fair Use of the US Copyright Act.